Substitute Teacher Pay Increases!

The Biddeford School Committee recently changed the wage for substitutes. Substitutes now start at $100 per day. Retired teachers can substitute for $120 per day. These are substantial increases and have already proven to be effective in attracting substitutes. Apply at or contact Cathy Fecteau at 282-8281.

Now Hiring Students for Part-time Custodial Positions

Students 14-17 years old are now being hired to assist in filling custodial positions. Starting pay is $12.25 per hour with certified academic standing (a valid work permit). Apply at or call Kerrie Edgerton at 282-8280.

Current Maine Labor Laws:

  • 14 or 15-year olds (School day: max of 3 hours; Non-School day: max of 8 hours)
  • 16 or 17-year olds (School day: max of 6 hours; Non-School day: max of 10 hours)