BHS Senior Washima Fairoz Named Tiger PRIDE Award Recipient

DSC_0529Biddeford High School (BHS) held its second Annual Tiger PRIDE Ceremony in which students were honored for upholding the values of Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dependability, and Empathy.  Eighty students were nominated by their teachers for each category with a student from category being named the overall recipient. Of all the students nominated, BHS Senior Washima Fairoz was chosen as the overall Tiger PRIDE Recipient for exemplifying excellence in all five categories.

As teacher Michael Aaskov addressed the crowd during the ceremony, he said, “…any parent can be proud knowing that they have done their best and their efforts have truly paid off.  The foundation of moral integrity, respect, and good upbringing will follow [them for the rest of their lives]. All these attributes that I have listed show us all that there is hope for our young people today.  It’s not easy to be a young person today or a parent for that matter. It’s hard. So I would like to congratulate the parents of all the award recipients for their continued love and commitment to their children.”

The award nominees included:

  • Perseverance – Ashjan Abdulsalam, Mohammed Al Nidawi, Jack Angotti, Monika Buffum, Travis Campbell, Caleb Cash, Jodi-Ann Coleman, Jordina Coleman, Charles Corriveau, Dakota Crocker, Jasmine Froehlich, Sydney Gagne, Joyeuse Irankunda, Matthew Martel, Isabella McAfee, Gabrielle Millett, Uwera Muhoza, Ernest Nijimbere, Seth Perry, Emily Poisson, Blake Roberge, and Joseph Shortsleeves;
  • Respect – Emily Boilard, Monika Buffum, Carl Davis, Anthony Gendron, Mohammed Hasan, Megan Mourmouras, Cody Savage, and Nick Therrien;
  • Integrity – Gavin Bastarache, Colby Frechette, Anthony Gendron, Joyeuse Irankunda, Ethan LaCourse, Genesis Martinez, Ernest Nijimbere, Vic Patnaude, and Cody Savage;
  • Dependability – Ashjan Abdulsalam, Ayla Aldrich, Jack Angotti, Emily Boilard, Jordina Coleman, Andrew Curtiss, Carl Davis, Colby Frechette, Allie Hayden, Nghia Ho, Logan Martin, Matthew Martel, and Alfred Romero;
  • Empathy – Allie Hayden, Andrew Hovasse, Zachary Kimball, and Aiden Maliski; and
  • Overall Tiger PRIDE – Gaelle Akaliza, Bassam Al Jashaam, Rouaa Al Saker, Katlyn Bickford, Kyle Bonsaint, Katlyn Brooks, Dadrian Brown, Emily Cote, Keisha Dedrick, Trevor Dube, Carter Edgerton, Nicholas Escobedo, Marissa Hamilton, Erica Hanson, Seth Harding, Pauline Kheang, Patricia Martin, Katherine Mendoza-Yanes, Abigayle Michaud, Ethan Moulton, Eunice Ndiwulu, Madison Nielsen, Kristin Osbon, Gabe Peaslee, Kaylee Perron, Jared Pierce, Alexis Poulin, Marquice Pratt, Syeda (Maliha) Raidah, Cullen Rhoy, Ashlin Ruel, Jazmine Stammel, Alexander Thurlow, Asha Tompkins, Olivia Whittaker.

The overall category award recipients were: Rouaa Al Saker (Perseverance); Trevor Dube (Respect); Carter Edgerton (Integrity); Fallon Descoteaux (Dependability); Logan Martin (Empathy); and Washima Fairoz (Tiger PRIDE).

As Fairoz was announced as the overall Tiger PRIDE Recipient, two of her teachers Tom McGovern and Jon Jacques read in both Spanish and English, “This student has consistent perseverance, exemplary respect, integrity like no other, deep dependability, and wears empathy on her sleeves.  Another nomination submitted read, “I admire the respect that Washima has for the faculty and staff as well as her peers and the deep respect she has for the educational process. She has high moral principles and would rather work alone on projects than not pull her weight or jeopardize a classmates score because she needs to break every assignment down to first learn the basic vocabulary. I can depend on Washima to always give her best effort. Even more importantly her family can and does depend strongly on her for just about everything. Yet through it all Washima is a friend to everyone–listening to them and responding to them. She truly embodies PRIDE every single day.”

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