Biddeford Education Foundation Awards Over $3K in Mini-Grants

The Biddeford Education Foundation’s Board of Directors voted to approve five teacher mini-grants, totaling $3,284, to augment teaching, encourage academic excellence, and maximize opportunities for students K-12.  Of the submissions received, each school in the District was awarded one grant.

“We are grateful to the Biddeford Education Foundation’s Board and those who have supported academics throughout our schools,” stated Superintendent Jeremy Ray.  “Funding continues to be a challenge for public schools and this Foundation opens doors for Biddeford youth to engage in opportunities that otherwise would not be available to them.  I also want to commend the teachers for taking the time to fill out the application and for thinking ‘outside the box’ to improve the educational process for our students and involve the community.”

The grants awarded included:

Small Hands…Big Muscles submitted by Christine Duncan of JFK
This grant will create a Fine Motor Center to give our young students the chance to work with a variety of materials that will strengthen the muscles in their hands.  This will benefit the many children who are often expected to do activities that require muscles they have not yet honed.  Each month the activities will be changed to keep the center fresh.

Personalized Learning submitted by Kerri Lesieur of BPS
This grant will provide materials for students so they can work within a learning progression and choose activities to help them practice and master each standard.  In order for students to navigate the CCSS and personalized learning, it is essential to provide them with activities that meet the 3rd grade standards and engage in fun learning.

GoNoodle Plus submitted by Chelsea Cardner of BIS
This website includes interactive videos to teach math, geography, ELA, stress management and so much more. It gets kids up and moving, engaged and creates a great reference point. It also allows students to work on videos and extensions at home creating the connection between home and school.  This pilot will be evaluated to see if we should utilize school-wide.

Biddeford Food Pantry Mural “Feeding Hope” submitted by Liz Ames of BMS
Art students would collaborate with the Biddeford Food Pantry by giving the front of the building a facelift through the creation of small relief sculpture tiles designed by them with a theme of healthy foods and love (“Feeding Hope”).  The tiles would then be grouted to the front of the pantry’s cinderblock building and become a permanent part of Biddeford’s “canvas”.

ELL Class Book submitted by Heidi Haufe of BHS
The ELL students have written autobiographies about their experiences leaving their home countries and coming to live in the United States.  These stories would be bound and printed into a class book to be shared with school and community.  Working with Engine, the students will hold a community event to share their stories.

“The Foundation appreciates the individual and business donors who have contributed throughout the last year making these mini-grants and our major donation to the Biddeford’s STEM Academy a reality,” stated Biddeford Education Foundation President Karen Chasse.  “We continue to see success in our annual Pillars of Pride fundraiser and will be adding a Cassablanca Cruise in June and family event later this year to support other academic initiatives.”

For more information on the Biddeford Education Foundation or to make a gift, visit the Biddeford School Department’s website, click on the Giving Tab and Foundation link or call Karen Chasse at 207-391-6885.